Welcome to My Blog – Find Out Where I Am Now

Hi Everyone!

I’m writing this post because I’ve been getting a couple new subscribers to this blog and frankly – I don’t blog here anymore. This blog was started on a whim and as soon as I started another hobby – book blogging, that quickly took over my online life! So I don’t have time to post here anymore.

Unfortunately, Gravatar makes you use a WordPress.COM blog to sign up and thus whenever you scroll over my name when I comment on someone else’s blog and someone scrolls over my avatar/name it pops up with a little bit about me – and also mentions that my blog is this one over at WP.com – Eagerbeader, which hasn’t been my blog in quite a long time.

If you want to check out the blog that gets updated nearly daily (often two posts a day) and DEFINITELY much more active and lively than this one –

 check out my book blog, which often has giveaways and guest posts,  and other bookish and occasionally non-bookish random fun posts. 

Find me (and my awesome co-blogger, Kat) at:

My Shelf Confessions 

My Shelf Confessions

I hope to see you there and I think you’ll like it a lot more than this blog! 😀