My Beading Library

These are the books that make up my jewelry-making/beading library. I will probably referencing them a lot as I write my blog because they are the books that I have at hand to draw knowledge and inspiration from, including patterns and projects.

If you are interested in buying these books for yourself, I am sure they are widely available because I bought all of them from either or (a jewelry-makers supplier, with excellent deals on everything from beads to books and as I’ve said before, my #1 go-to place.)


Teach Yourself Visually BEADWORK: Learning Off-Loom Beading Techniques One Stitch at a Time – Chris Franchetti Michaels

Easy Does it Series: Easy Bead-Woven Bracelets

Easy Does it Series: Bead-weaving Stitches

Beaded Ornaments for the Holidays and Beyond

SEED BEAD FUSION: 18 Projects To Stitch, Wire, & String  – Rachel Nelson-Smith

A Treasury of Beaded Jewelry: Bead Stringing Patterns For All Ages – Mary Ellen Harte

BEADS AND CABOCHONS: How To Create Fashion Earrings & Jewelry – Patricia Lyman

Beginner’s Guide To Beading on a Loom – Alexandra Kidd

Contemporary Loom Beading: A New Look At A Traditional Stitch – Sharon Bateman


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